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Environmental Care

Years before the environmental crisis, Hellas Digital was aware of the need to use environmentally friendly materials. Its ecological conscience was essential in conducting exclusive partnerships with major companies abroad to supply environmentally friendly sustainable materials. And at the same time, suitable for high-definition printing. We combine quality certified materials (FSC), 100% recyclable, ideal for food, without PVC, to offer our customers constructions that meet all European standards. At Hellas Digital, we print our products with ecological inks suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. We provide durable, odorless high, definition prints with vibrant colors and photorealistic image quality. Our prints meet the specifications for safe applications in particular areas such as hospitals, pharmacies, kindergartens, homes, children’s rooms, schools, clinics, kindergartens, clinics, museums, airports, supermarkets, etc. We are the solution for a better and safer future in the digital world of printing and construction.
We are evaluated daily for our performance on a global shared platform of partner companies. We have the right tools to improve the economy – reducing costs at every stage of the supply chain – people’s lives, and the planet we depend on. We invest in the sustainable development of our company with responsibility and commitment to our customers. The design team of Hellas Digital is working in the same direction. It uses fewer materials to give the same even result (Reduce). Designs reusable structures (Reuse). Promotes the recycled and recyclable materials we supply while helping recycle waste (Recycle). Invents new ways to secure your products by redesigning your promotional structures so that nothing is lost (Redesign). At Hellas Digital, we design sustainable, innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact. Always Green!

Unique in the field of Greek industry with a high rating and distinction from the most reliable Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment Provider EcoVadis.

Over the past 20 years, FSC has earned a reputation as the most rigorous, credible forest certification system.

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