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Printable Files Specifications


In order to ensure your best and fastest service, please send your printable files respecting the following specifications.

• Color Mode must be CMYK.
CAUTION there must not exist any Pantone colors .

• All files must be designed in physical dimensions at 100dpi.

• There has to a bleed area of 10mm.

• All fonts must be converted to Outlines (Curves).

• All backgrounds must be Flattened (Rasterised). Logos, letters and any vector objects that are smaller than 1cm must be preserved as vectors and are excluded from the flattening (rasterizing) process.

• All images must be embedded and not linked.

• Stroke Colors need to have Overprint enabled. When you receive our files with diecuts they should have this enabled.

• Send your files in 2 separate PDF files (Press Quality), one for the artwork and one for the diecut. Both files must have registration marks (not trim marks).

In case your files do not meet the above printing specifications, Hellas Digital takes no responsibility for any errors in the printing or color quality of the printout and reserves the right not to accept them until the necessary corrections are made.

We remind you that delivery dates are directly affected by the date of submitting the correct printable files to us.

If you need any more clarifications or information please contact us.

Download the specifications in PDF format

Greek Version

English Version

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